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How we can help landlords

How We Can Help Landlords

The reason why we are different from the other agents is that once the investor or the client has come to us. The client does not have to go anywhere else or spend time and money looking around and testing other suppliers and service providers. We take the responsibility of delivering all those services that are required for the property to complete the “full circle” for the whole property development and also the property portfolio.

At CAA we offer a “one-stop solution” for all your property needs. Our clients tend to be Landlords and property investors.


We offer 3 different services for lettings, let only, management and also guaranteed rent. Unlike other agents, we also offer them, rents paid in advance. Therefore their rents are secure and paid on time. This gives them a better return as well as it’s also profitable for them to bring the properties to us

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We have a close relationship with our landlords making sure that you know landlords are always kept up to date about the standard of their properties. We also offer property development services. This means that we advise landlords and investors on how best they can get the returns on the property. Things include extending the property on the sides on the back and also on the lofts. This also helps them to understand the scope of increasing their returns.

Another important aspect of our property development services is assisting landlords and investors with navigating the legal and regulatory requirements of property development. This can include obtaining necessary permits and approvals, ensuring compliance with building codes and zoning regulations, and addressing any other legal issues that may arise.

How we can help Landlords? They tend to work with us because they feel assured knowing that we will provide a 100% service to them. We make sure that the quality is maintained but because we carry out quarterly inspections. We also notify landlords they are free to attend the inspections with us. So they feel satisfied the property is maintained by the tenants 100%.

Property cleaning service

We offer all forms of cleaning, deep and light clean for the properties. We also offer end-of-tenancy cleaning services for estate agents as well as residential and commercial cleaning.

More importantly at some point in time since we’re advising the investors about the property portfolio. They may at times, would like to sell the properties and buy the properties so we will also assist in their selling and buying process. What we do for landlords and clients is all part of a service proposition. We do not leave any additional charges or hidden charges for what we deliver. How do we do all these things? Trusted Partners, that offer all the services to them and we can cater for all those needs for all the property requirements.

A lot of landlords have had a bad experience in the past so it’s very important for us as an agent, that we provide landlords with a 100% satisfaction service, because of the relationships with all the contractors and our Trusted Partners, they come together to deliver the product for you, and we facilitate that whole process for you, therefore it doesn’t cost you anything.

Don’t just take our word for it. Here are reviews highlighting how we can help landlords and how we have helped them!

Client Testimonials:

Google Review 2022

“Having recently entered into the tenth year of dealing with Caa Properties Group, I wish to express my gratitude to you and the whole team for making my job as a landlord so simple and care-free. Your charges are indeed very reasonable and the fact that you are able to resolve any repairs, certifications etc. without me having to run around is an absolute time-saver. I have noticed the charges applied by your contractors for various works, from tap repairs to decoration and new carpets to fence replacements, and can truly say that all costs are very reasonable with quality work, giving me full reassurance that the property is looked after in a respectable manner.

As mentioned, I may well bring another property over to you if the circumstances change with it, and appreciate that your rents are competitive based on the saving offered with agents commissions and administration charges that normally crop up, hence why I have recently renewed for another three-year term. In the last nine years, I can say with certainty that I have never had a problem with receipt of rent which can otherwise be a great headache to chase up. I have no hesitation in recommending Caa Properties Group to others and wish to thank you all once again for the great service you are offering.”

Google Review 2022

“CAA Properties Group have been managing property for me since 2002 and I have always found their management service to be friendly, thorough and professional. They deal with all plumbing, electrical and other general repairs promptly and efficiently using their regular and reliable contractors, and ensure I’m kept up to date with annual Gas Safe certificates, 5 yearly electricity reports, fire alarms and other regulatory issues. It’s great to know my properties are being kept maintained to the necessary standard. Rent payments are always on time, with detailed statements received accompanied by contractor invoices where necessary. I’ve keenly recommended CAA Properties Guaranteed Rent Scheme to other Landlords. I will continue to do so whilst looking forward to many more years of hassle-free letting.”

Google Review 2022

“I appreciate the services Caa Properties Provides for me. In the last 11 years, I have left my property in the hands of CAA Properties and been OK that it was well looked after. I didn’t need to run around looking for someone to do repairs or even remember when certain services were required and the safety checks are always up to date for the flat. I am comfortable that my rent will come in on time and would recommend Caa Properties, especially to those that don’t have the time to oversee their business all the time. The bonus is that I also don’t have to look for tenants and even know whether I have tenants or not and believe the services and fees are fair.”

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